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Torch lights way for tourists


THE legacy of the Olympic torch looks set to live on in Bristol after a major tourism website recorded a jump in visitors during the two-day leg of the flame through the city.

John Hallett, managing director of Destination Bristol, said: "The Clifton Suspension Bridge is a defining symbol of Bristol, and the Olympic Torch crossing it on Wednesday morning will no doubt become one of the most striking images captured along the relay route, helping to highlight Bristol as a fantastic tourist destination."

Images of Bristol embracing the spirit of the Olympics over a backdrop of stunning landmarks, such as Clifton Suspension Bridge, made national headlines.

Thomas Baker carries the torch across Clifton Suspension Bridge. Now, it is thought that more people than ever will be looking to Bristol as a holiday destination., Bristol's official tourism website, saw an increase of over 50 per cent on its usual mid-week traffic when the Olympic Torch arrived in the city on Tuesday.

In this same period 'Olympic Torch' became the most searched for subject on the site, followed by 'Clifton Suspension Bridge'.

This coincided with images of the iconic bridge being beamed into homes around the country as the torch made its way across amid pyrotechnics and cheers.

Visit Bristol also saw a marked increase in social media activity, with more people liking and retweeting their updates of the progress of the torch than ever before.